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Tuesday so far

I’ve learned to show up later at the Fleet Center. So, this morning I took a look through the many events scheduled around the city. Unfortunately, the ones open to the public tend to have titles such as “Advancing Affordable Housing Preservation through Tax Credits” and “Hip hop + Politics = Youth Voter Empowerment?” I mean, how could they insult that last topic by ending it with a question mark! Meanwhile, the ones marked private include “LA Senator John Breaux’s Carribbean [sic] Carnival with Musician Ziggy Marley” and “Golf/Clambake with US Reps. Bill Delahunt & Steven Lynch, FL Sen. Bob Graham, Hawaiian Rep Neil Abercrombie and NY AG Elliot Spitzer.” Get those guys together and they spell trouble! Oh yeah, better hide your copy of the Interim Corn Subsidy Appropriation Bill because they’re gonna call Ziggy over to see how to make it into a bong. Party! …

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