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The NYC Shabbos-keeping, crutch-walking challenge!

We’re seeing off our daughter who is going to study in Florence (yes, Italy, not Florence, NJ, although I’m sure the latter is totally lovely and rich in Renaissance art) for a semester. So the four of us, aged 15 to 55, are going to spend a couple of days in NYC, since the plane departs from JFK. We’re staying near Times Square. Here’s the challenge:

A couple of us are Shabbos-keeping Jews and thus can’t go in motorized vehicles or pay money from Friday evening through Saturday at around 7pm. (There’s a great worldwide database of kosher restaurants at, by the way.)

But wait, there’s more: One of us is on crutches after knee surgery and another of us is having a back problem and can’t walk for much more than hour without having to do some serious sitting. The back-problem person is also generally whiny, is never satisfied, and will probably spend most of the day looking for good wifi signals.

We already have tickets for the Museum of Modern Art on Saturday.

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