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Educational blogging

After my presentation at the Scottish Learning Festival, I wandered into a bloggy-wikiful session—TeachMeet—in a very warm room, but with wine. I walked in on a demo of JumpCut, an online video editing program that lets people share clips. It looked very cool.

Next an English teacher talks about transposing “process writing”—students commenting on students—into blogs with coments. (It might be a good use of the document commenting system at

Another 7-minute presentation is on using Flickr’s annotation tool in a classroom. Why in the classroom reenactment of a Viking raid does one child not havea shield? Because he has a two-handed axe. He points to as a fun site for kids.

A couple talks about Kids Connect, an island in secondLife for kids. There they taught basic Second Life skills, including script pet rocks with sounds.

(Damn. The bloggers and Net geeks are going out to dinner but I’m committed to a speakers’ dinner. Oh well. That’ll be fun, too.)

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