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James Baker: Enemy of democracy?

Jon Stewart nailed James Baker but didn’t pound hard enough. Baker was on The Daily Show the other day to plug his book and talked briefly about the report on Iraq he’s prepared for the Bush administration. It’s being released after the elections so — said Baker, the architect of Bush’s Florida post-election “victory” — it won’t be perceived as political. Stewart noted that its delay would also be perceived as political. And besides, said our Jonny, in a democracy, aren’t we supposed to be informing the voters? Baker chuckled.

Gary Kamiya has a terrific article in Salon (subscribe or watch an ad) on Baker’s report and his role as Dad’s emissary. Baker (according to leaks) is going to tell Bush that the war can’t be won, that we need a way out.

By the way, Kamiya’s article has the inspired headline “Fun, fun, fun till Daddy took the Iraq war away” [Tags: ]

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