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(Shhhh. A fun day…)

I’m in NYC to talk with my publishers about their plans for marketing my book. That’s this afternoon. This morning, i’m going to be a guest participant in a grad seminar Steve Johnson teaches. (Note to self: Buy a copy of The Ghost Map so Steve can sign it…and so I can read it. I am a huge Steve Johnson fan.) So, I’ve been looking forward to today…

…Except now I’ve caught the attention of the unswerving god of Irony. Oh mighty swinger of the axe of overturned expectations, enforcer of whim, doer of random acts of randomness, gleeful splasher of cold water and placer of banana peels, oh pants ripper, invincible reminder of one’s inconsequence, interrupter of plans, thruster of the lance that finds all smugness, please forgive thy servant’s moment of happy anticipation. [Tags: ]

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