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Web of Ideas: Can the Internet save democracy?

On Feb. 14, at 6pm, I’m holding another in the Web of Ideas series. Here’s the blurb:

Can the Internet Save Democracy?

We’ve been through a few election cycles in which the Internet played an important part. What have we learned? Beyond being a fund-raising tool, has the Internet changed anything important about elections, politics or governance? Will it? Does the connectedness of the Net promise an invigorated democracy? Or more of the same? Or a polarized electorate? David Weinberger of the Berkman Center will present a discussion opener on this topic, to be followed by an invigorating—or polarizing?—discussion.

I’ll probably open the discussion trying to stay as far away from facts and reality as I can. Maybe something about democracy and the meaning of what’s ours? Anyway, it’s an open discussion and open to anyone who wants to come by the Berkman Center (map..and remember, the Center moved this year and now is at 23 Everett St., around the corner). Plus, we serve pizza, the fuel of democracy.

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