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BostonNow – bloggy journalism for the Hub of the Universe

From the BostonNow blog:

BostonNOW is a new free daily newspaper launching this year that will incorporate both traditional and citizen journalism. Your ideas about the Boston community (news, politics, sports, the arts, etc.) will appear side-by-side with the words of BostonNOW staffers and wire service journalists. We will promote your work prominently both in the paper and on the website, not in a “local blogs” or “reader photos” ghetto.

Every day, BostonNOW will direct readers to the Web, where they will find real depth and discussion. BostonNOW will become the place to learn what folks around here really think about politics, entertainment, sports, and their fellow humans. This dialogue will create a newspaper of the people, by the people, for the people.

BostonNOW will truly be your newspaper.

Sounds good on paper, so to speak. In fact, it sounds great. They’re holding a get-to-know-the-bloggers party this Saturday, March 10:

Saturday, March 10, 2007

11am to 2pm

All Asia Café

334 Mass. Ave.

Central Square

Cambridge, Mass.

RSVP here. (Thanks to Steve Garfield for the link.) [Tags: ]

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