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Stories the Boston Globe cares about that I don’t

Here’s how the Boston Globe’s lead story opens today:

Standing on stage at a Republican debate on the Gulf Coast of Florida last week, Mitt Romney repeatedly lashed out at rival Rudy Giuliani for providing sanctuary to illegal immigrants in New York City.

Yet, the next morning, on Thursday, at least two illegal immigrants stepped out of a hulking maroon pickup truck in the driveway of Romney’s Belmont house, then proceeded to spend several hours raking leaves, clearing debris from Romney’s tennis court, and loading the refuse onto the truck.

The “yet” indicates that the Globe thinks this is a story about hypocrisy. Indeed, it goes on to say that “Throughout the campaign, Romney has spoken on the issue of illegal immigration with increasing fervor…But at his home, he paid less attention to the issue.”

Who cares? Romney spoke once to the landscaping company’s boss, although the boss disagrees about the tone of the discussion. Does the Globe really want Mitt to be demanding documentation from the guy blowing leaves off his driveway? This incident doesn’t help us decide if Mitt has any integrity. (Note: He doesn’t.) It’s merely anti-Mitt propaganda.

If there’s a story here, it’s about how deeply integrated into our society are illegal immigrants, and how shallow and despicable is the simple-minded xenophobia exploited by almost all the Republican candidates.

PS to the Globe: Last night was the first night of Chanukah, not tonight as you report. [Tags: media boston_globe mitt_romney immigration christopher_lydon ]

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