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Feds enter Second Life

According to the National Defense university, the Feds are entering SecondLife in force:

Dr. Paulette Robinson, Assistant Dean for Teaching at the Information Resources Management College, National Defense University, has a formeda multi-agency consortium to establish a sizeable federal presence inthe Second Life virtual world run by Linden Labs. Since the initial organizational meeting in July 2007, nearly 20 agencies have signed up for the ad hoc Second Life federal group, with more expressing interest every day. The Air Force and Navy have signed on as well as civilian agencies such as State, Transportation, Library of Congress, National Institutes of Health, and NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration–two of the early federal Second Life pioneers. Dr.Robinson said the consortium plans a major push to establish a federal presence in Second Life and other virtual environments, and along the way create processes and procedures to make it simpler for agencies to get a life in SecondLife.

(Thanks to John Palfrey for the link.)

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