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Zenzuu: The social network with a one-track mind

So, I was chatting with the driver of the limo my hosts in Las Vegas kindly supplied for me. When I said that I write about technology, he told me about his startup. It’s a social network that he’s confident will knock FaceBook and MySpace off the map. So, when I got back home tonight, I took a look. The Zenzuu explanatory page consists of a 6-minute video right off of late-night cable.

The pitch is that if you check into Zenzuu 30 times per month, they’ll give you 80% of the ad revs. And if you sign other people up, you’ll get a cut of their ad revs. All of which is fine, and reminds us of the absurd amounts of money we users generate for the social networks we use. But Zenzuu is so focused on the revenues that the video doesn’t mention a single feature of the site.

The fact that all the ads on the site are for Zenzuu itself pushes it over the edge into self-parody.

By the way, would you surprised to learn that Zenzuu’s privacy policy seems to suck, although I’m not sure because it’s in a font designed by and for squirrels.[Tags: ]

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96 Responses to “Zenzuu: The social network with a one-track mind”

  1. You people are going to miss the boat. This is sad, but like they say, “time will tell”. ZenZuu is talking about the money to remind, at least those who will listen, about how these other social networks are making a killing and not sharing.

    I have one question, did MySpace or Facebook have mucn content in the beginning?

    Visit the People Helping People section if you or anybody you know need help. Once you get pass the money, money, money mind frame, you will truly understand ZenZuu.

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