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Making your Mac lively again

PC Mag has a step-by-step for putting the spring back into your Mac if it’s gotten sluggish under the weight of all the crap you’ve loaded onto it. Basically, it’s a guide to saving all your important data before reinstalling OS X.

(Note to PC users: Don’t gloat. 1. PC Mag recommends you do this every two years, not every every 6 months, as I was doing with Windows. 2. This is to restore snappiness, not to rescue a broken, lumbering hulk. 3. It is way, way easier than reinstalling Windows and all your apps.)

I am disappointed and actually a little hurt that Google’s new virtual world app, Lively, only works on Windows. On the other hand, that it requires Vista I find slightly ridiculous. I run Vista on a high-end PC, and it’s a sign of my dissatisfaction that I do a double-take when I here a software company has written code specifically for it.

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