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The Internet Lexicon

In honor of One Web Day, we’ve launched The Internet Lexicon, a blatant ripoff of the immensely clever Philosophical Lexicon. It’s a wiki-based list of Webby people whose names are treated as if they were definable words. For example:

stone, lisa: (n) An object used to break a hard substance. E.g., “I’d like to lease a stone to throw against that glass ceiling.”

kahle (brewster): A healthful leafy vegetable that improves memory.

boyd (danah): to provide an environment for floating new ideas. E.g., “Sociologists were boyd by the research showing the class differences between Facebook and MySpace.”

doctorow (cory): The hero of a popular Canadian science fiction show about a man who, paradoxically, becomes more visible by insisting on transparency. E.g., “After ‘Dr. Who’ is over, shall we watch the new episode of ‘Doctorow’? We can download it for free or pay for it!”

The lexicon is an unofficial project by some Berkman Fellows. It’s a wiki, so jump on in!

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