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Web 3.0 has been canceled for lack of linearity

I’ve given a few interviews in Milan where I’ve been for the past two days — what a beautiful city! — and almost every time, someone has asked what Web 3.0 will be. As if I’d know!

If Web 2.0 is about how easy it’s become for people to participate, how easy it has become to mash together disparate applications, and how the “network effect” brings about emergent results, then Web 2.0 is all about making the Net radically unpredictable.

So, the only answer to the question “What will Web 3.0 be?” has to be not only that we don’t know, but that we can’t know.

Web 2.0 also makes it less likely that a single change will sweep the entire Net, for Web 2.0 makes it easier to diversify the Web’s offerings. So Web 2.0 may also spell the end of giving the Web point revision numbers.

In short, if there is a Web 3.0, then Web 2.0 didn’t do its job.

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