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When a video is trivial

It’s been a while since I used Seesmic, the video twitter site (or, as I think it would like to think of itself, the YouTube Made Easy and Instantaneous site, or possibly the YouTube Meets Social Networking site). Here’s one I did last night:

ChopsticksFrom a Beijing hotel room

Seesmic does indeed make it incredibly easy to record and post videos. And I sort of like the idea of occasionally recording a thought on video and posting it on my blog. Seesmic lets you copy and paste the code into your blog. But as the above makes clear, it makes a little thought look like a full-size video. I could, of course, just embed a link to the video at Seesmic. But I like embedding the video itself. I’d like a way to indicate that the video is of a quick, little thought. So, maybe doing it halfsize would work:

ChopsticksFrom a Beijing hotel room

(My connection right now sucks, so I can’t tell if that worked. Sorry.) Other ideas about how to present a video that is really just a quick thought? How could Seesmic help lower expectations? [Tags: ]

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