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Daily [intermittent] Open-Ended Puzzle (DOEP): Fill in the filesharer

In a conversation with Gene Koo, a mishearing turned into a pun minus one term. I twittered a request for people to fill in the following blank:

Turning _____ into filesharers.

Unfortunately, I added that the blank should rhyme with “plows” instead of “swords” because I made a mistake. Here are some of the tweets I received:

fanf: the copyright lobby want to shove swords into filesharers

cfigallo: Beating hoarders into filesharers

digiphile: “Beating Boards into filesharers”?

davidgammel: How about ‘Beating Cabinet Appointees into Tax Filers’?

winemad: hordes?

dhmspector: “Lawyers” … obviously.

You are encouraged to best the Twitterers.

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