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[newmedia] Global perspectives

For this session, the panelists are videoconferenced in: Michael Netzley (Singapore Mgt Univ), Marshall Manson (Edelman London), and Wolfgang Lünenbürger-Reidenbach (Edelman Social Media Europe).

As we wait for some technical glitches to get ironed out, we hear from an audience member just back from Russia who talks about the amazing speeds of Moscow’s 4G network. He points out, however, that outside of Moscow, Russia’s network is “19th century.”

MM points to the rise of Facebook and Twitter across Europe. He also notes the importance of social media in the expenses scandal in the UK. WLR points out that the rise in Facebook is in local languages. There is no pan-European public there.

MN from Singapore says that there are 2,000 languages spoken in Asia. “Localization continues to be important.” In Asia, mobile is more important than elsewhere. He also points to the Chinese control of the Net, based on the value of “social harmony.”

Q: Will we see competitors to FB and Twitter in local markets, or will they achieve global dominance?
MM: Translation is going to become much less of a problem over time.
MN: Local remain critical.
WLR: We’ll see more, not less, focus on the local. Hyper local.

Q: Singapore is trying to get young people to get married. Are they using social media in this campaign?
MN: Hong Kong is ahead of Singapore in adopting social media. But in the past 6 months, the Singapore gov’t has been jumping in. The ministries are leading the way. For the past 50 years, media have played primarily a nation-building role. Very top-down. Not independent. But these msgs don’t do well online. The gov’t is slowly learning this. They’re trying to learn how to give more trust to their citizens.

MM: We don’t have to teach the younger generation how to use social media. We do need to change how we teach them to write. The old styles are not useful in conversational media.
WLR: Students use micromessaging.

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