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Joho’s new look

So, instead of painting our house over the break, I started making some tweaks to Joho’s “design” that have resulted in a complete overhaul, the first since the site opened its shutters in the year of their lord mumble mumble.

Click on the image to be reminded of what it used to look like in all its former glory.

old joho design
I’m sorry

There are certainly going to be many bugs, rough edges, and further uglinesses to blast with a buff-colored paint gun. But, I hope it’s better.

Yeah, you’re right. It needs more orange. Doesn’t everything?

[Later that day:] As Mirek points out in the comments, it looks crappy in IE 9. I can’t get the rounded corners to work. If anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears-with-sharp-corners…


Here’s the way the page currently looks to me (Dec. 30) in Safari, which is pretty much how I intend it to look.

How the new look is supposed to look

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