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It’s official: You MUST read Everyday Chaos

Inc. magazine has named Everyday Chaos as one of its 11 “must read” books for entrepreneurs. “For product makers, industry shakers, and folks who want to be their best selves, these are the titles to read now.”

The article’s author, Leigh Buchanan, does an excellent job encapsulating the book:

Weinberger, for decades one of the most prescient and philosophical thinkers about the internet, here tackles the broader subject of how technology influences the way we understand and function in the world. Moving back and forth between ancient history and 10 minutes from now, Everyday Chaos explains that fixed-future ideas like progress and preparation are insufficient in the face of multiplying layers of complexity. Yet as our decision-making is overtaken by machines, it becomes possible to operate without our own hypotheses about what will work. Weinberger advocates for operating in a state of “unanticipation” in which we leave options open (think minimal viable products, agile development, and black swans). In this way of looking at the world, traditional strategy can be dangerous. Obscurity is your friend.

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