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Getting beneath the usual machine learning metaphors: A new podcast

Google has just launched a new podcast that Yannick Assogba (twitter: @tafsiri) and I put together. Yannick is a software engineer at Google PAIR where I was a writer-in-residence for two years, until mid-June. I am notably not a software engineer. Throughout the course of the nine episodes, Yannick helps me train machine learning models to play Tic Tac Toe and then a much more complex version of it. Then our models fight! (Guess who wins? Never mind.)

This is definitely not a tutorial. We’re focused on getting beneath the metaphors we usually use when talking about machine learning. In so doing, we keep coming back to the many human decisions that have to be made along the way.

So the podcast is for anyone who wants to get a more vivid sense of how ML works and the ways in which human intentions and assumptions shape each and every ML application. The podcast doesn’t require any math or programming skills.

It’s chatty and fun, and full of me getting simple things wrong. And Yannick is a fantastic teacher. I miss seeing him every day :(

All nine episodes are up now. They’re about 25 mins each. You can find them wherever you get your podcasts, so long as it carries ours.


Two-minute teaser:

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4 Responses to “Getting beneath the usual machine learning metaphors: A new podcast”

  1. Hi! The feed page isn´t working! I´d like to subscribe via RSS

  2. Thanks, Michel. But just to be clear, would you mind posting in the url of the page you’re referring to?

    Thanks again.

  3. Yannick, the smart one in the podcast, tells me this is the right RSS feed:

    Thanks again for letting me know about the issue.

  4. I read several places on internet that you have cloven hooves instead of feet. Could you confirm or deny that you have cloven hooves instead of feet?

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