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Orange Bee Martini

I’m drinking more during this pandemic than I ever had: I’m up to having a cocktail 3-4 times a week. Pre-pandemic I’d have perhaps two a month, so this is statistically a serious increase, but does not yet concern me or my wife.

There aren’t a lot of cocktails that I like, although there are many that I’ll drink. I actively enjoy Negronis, but now I feel obliged to point out that I started drinking them about 6 months before they became hip. I can promise you I am not hip. Well, in my own way…never mind.

But here’s a drink I invented in the sense that people have undoubtedly been drinking them forever but no one told me. I call it:

The Orange Bee Martini

Pour a good slosh of Barr Hill Gin into a class larger than that slosh. I’m not (just) being a snob here. Barr Hill uses honey as a “botanical”, giving it a honey flavor without actually being sweet. That makes it a lousy gin for a plain old non-hip martini that the squares drink, but it’s good for my new ultra-hip libation.

Add less of a slosh of white vermouth. Until I achieved adulthood around the age of 55, I disliked martinis because I thought you were supposed to drink them in the sophisticated “dry” fashion by asking the bartender to drink a shot of vermouth and then breathe out through his nose into the shaker. It turns out that I’m not that crazy about gin, although the olives were good.

So now I put about half as much vermouth as gin into my martinis. I can do that because I’m no longer a child of 54.

Then add even less of a slosh, but more than a hint, of the orange liqueur that you bought to bake with and haven’t used since because how often do you make a cake soaked in orange liqueur? If your answer is more than twice a year, then you have a problem. With orange cake, not with alcohol.

Mix it all in a glass and put the glass in the freezer for an hour because alcohol tastes terrible.


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5 Responses to “Orange Bee Martini”

  1. No orange liqueur.

    No vermouth.

    The Barr Hill Gin you describe sounds interesting, but I don’t imagine it’s readily available over here. I dislike the most astringent dry gins (it seemed as though there was a craze about ten years ago for making gins as unpleasant as possible, as if that sorted out the True Gin Appreciators from mere punters), but a certain mild astringency suits me all right.

    And tonic, non-generic tonic. Tonic that somebody put even a little effort into.

    I am being inducted, slowly, into the ranks of whisky drinkers, but I don’t feel any urgency to the process. Whereas I used to use whisky solely as cough medicine, I now do enjoy a wee dram with friends.

    Say, ‘with friends’ — now, that’s what I enjoy, and what I miss.

  2. You are a graduate of Bucknell University. Is it any surprise you are a Pantheistic Dionysian who indulges in unbridled bacchanalias? Your hero, Fred “God Is Dead Because I Say So and If You Don’t Like It, Bite Me!” Nietzsche, would be proud.

  3. AKMA, I tried and failed to enjoy wine for years. Then I went to a dinner hosted by a rich oenophile and discovered that wine doesn’t have to taste like sour grape juice.

    I tried to enjoy whisky for years. Then a friend who is a whiskyphile let me try some top shelf samples and I discovered that I don’t like whisky. That was true even after being taken to a whisky club in Edinburg by our son’s rabbi during his semester at U of Ed. Nope. Still tastes like soil-scented Listerine to me.

    You can see that I am a man of culture!

  4. Don, yes, you and I went to Bucknell 50 years ago and were housemates. Confirmed.

  5. So you don’t deny that you are a Pantheistic Dionysian. Interesting.

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