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The Oxford Apostrophe

As some of you know, I have been a tireless advocate for the Oxford Apostrophe that adds an extra apostrophe after the final apostrophed word in a series. Failing that, the OA calls for the totally needless insertion of apostrophes.

I know you mocked me for it; I could hear you all snickering during my every quiet moment. But once again I was merely ahead of my time: 

Last night I watched a very bad John Wick wannabe movie, “24 Hours to Live“, mainly because it stars Ethan Hawke at his least poetic. Although the dialogue mainly consists of gunshots and last gasps, I had closed captioning on. Here are some screencaps:


I watched the entire thing again, and then sent it to Arizona for a recount, and this movie is 100% consistent in its embrace of the Oxford Apostrophe.

It’s happening, people. It’s happening.

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3 Responses to “The Oxford Apostrophe”

  1. I”m unimpressed. Can”t you come up with anything more c onvincing? Rageboy”s rants used to elicit you”re insights more abundantly.

  2. I see’ see wha”t you d’id there”, ‘A””KMA’!

  3. Curs””es ‘!’ Ffoil’”Ed again””!”

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