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Agnostic Belief, Believer’s Experience

Although I am an agnostic, I used to think of myself as a functional atheist: I saw no compelling reason to believe in God (and thus am an agnostic), but I lived my life as if there is certainly no God.

Now I see that I got that backwards. I firmly remain an agnostic, but it turns out there are ways in which I have always experienced the world as if it were a divine creation. I don’t believe my experience is actually evidence either way, but I find it interesting that my agnostic belief has long masked my belief-like experience…

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2 Responses to “Agnostic Belief, Believer’s Experience”

  1. very good experience

    Thank you so much !

  2. So, you have finally come out of the closet and admitted that you are an unbridled Pantheistic Dionysian.

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