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My rules for saying “Merry Christmas”

As a non-observant Jew embedded in a Modern Orthodox family, here are my rules for when I say “Merry Christmas.”

To someone who wishes me a merry Christmas before or during Hanukkah, I reply, “And a happy Hanukkah to you.” If this counts as waging war on Christmas, I offer no apology.

For the week after Hanukkah, I tell known Jews “I hope you had a happy Hanukkah.”

After that, I say to another Jew, “Have a good holiday season” because there’s no getting around the fact that the Christian slow down of business for a few weeks is very pleasant, even for non-Christians. Perhaps especially for non-Christians.

To someone who has wished me happy holidays, I reciprocate with “And happy holidays to you.”

To someone who wishes me a merry Christmas after Hanukkah, I reply, “Have a happy holiday season,” hoping they take the “season” as rebuke even though no one ever seems to notice.

I have had these rules embossed on a small plastic tablet I carry with me. I plan on offering them for sale sometime around Passover/Easter.

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10 Responses to “My rules for saying “Merry Christmas””

  1. Meanwhile, …

  2. For the majority of Americans, December 25 is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, but for Jews it is a time to consider ones relationship to the wider society.

  3. have a good holiday season!

  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. The details you’ve shared are very helpful.

  6. Another Christmas year for us!

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  8. Merry Christmas, anyway. :)

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  10. I can say that it’s important to respect other people’s religious beliefs and traditions, even if they differ from our own. It’s commendable that you have a set of guidelines for how to navigate holiday greetings in a way that is respectful and inclusive of different faiths. It’s also important to remember that not everyone celebrates holidays or observes religious traditions, so being considerate of different perspectives is always a good approach.

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