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“Background items added” from “Fei Lv”

[Please note important boldface corrections in this post – Feb. 1, 2022]

Just in case you’ve started getting notifications on your Mac that “Software from ‘Fei Lv’ added items that can run in the background. You can manage this in Login Items Settings”, here’s an explanation that I could not find anywhere on the Internet.

Error message from Apple

This seems to be coming from NordPass [Nope. Coincidence.], which I have been trying out as a replacement for 1Pass. a password manager. I like 1Password and it is a well-regard and trust password manager, but it’s UI has been getting overly complex for my tastes, mainly because I’ve entered too many redundant, broken entries. I recommend 1Pass and will probably be going back to it. But NordPass was offering a great intro deal, and I’ve been a satisfied user of NordVPN for years now.

I started getting the annoying Fei Lv notifications, and struggled to find what app, piece of software, or sneaky malware was causing them. Apple does not make it easy. It’s relatively easy to find in the log that the notification is happening, but not which app “Fei Lv” applies to. Neither did Google or Bing searches.

Trial and error, however, worked well. It looks like it’s NordPass [Nope]. So, if you’re hearing from the mysterious Fei Lv, try turning off NordPass through System Preferences and see if that does the trick. [It won’t] It did for me [For a few days].

i’ll consider turning it back on if NordPass reassures me that Fei Lv isn’t some malware that snuck on to my computer. [NordPass is not the problem. I still don’t know what is.]

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4 Responses to ““Background items added” from “Fei Lv””

  1. I have the same problem but I have never installed Nordpass. I have turned off “Fei Lv” from starting on start up but can’t find how to delete it

  2. It isn’t Nord Pass – I have the same issue and have never installed Nord Pass

  3. Thanks, Michael. I’ll edit the post to reflect this.

    When you say you “Turned off Fei Lv from starting on start up”, how did you do so? I’ve gone through System Prefs and hand-inspected the system launch directors and scripts, and looked in every log for any “fei lv” entries, and have found nothing. Frustrating!

  4. Hola amigos quiero comunicarles que “Fei Lv” se instala cuando descargo instalo el Driver de mi tableta gráfica
    VEIKK a30
    Y no hay forma de saber que se va a instalar en segundo plano hasta que ya acabaste con la instalación
    Y sólo se elimina volviendo a desinstalar la tableta

    Ya no sé qué más hacer

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