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gMail losing autocomplete? Here’s a fix.

Every few weeks, gMail has stopped auto-completing addresses as I type them into the “To:” box. Rebooting Chrome does doesn’t help. Rebooting my MacBook Pro doesn’t help. Clearing my cache doesn’t help.

The obvious remedy of typing people’s addresses manually requires that I remember their addresses. That  has only gotten less plausible as I’ve aged. Just ask our cat Smokey. No, wait, it’s Pearl. Hold on, I think it has something to do with being an outlaw. Smokey? No. Capone? We wouldn’t have named a cat “Dahmer”, would we? Oh, wait, it begins with an S! Sam Bankman-Fried? Smokey?  Oh, I remember! We don’t have a cat.

I hope you enjoyed that dramatic pre-enactment of what’s in store for you.

In any case, the solution I have stumbled upon is to turn off Chrome extensions one by one, test gMail’s autocomplete, turn the extension back on, and then turn off the next one. In short, do the first thing any “how to” that actually knows anything would have suggested, to who which I reply: D’oh!

Oddly, a different extension has been the culprit each time. But, in truth, isn’t the real culprit all of us? Or possibly Google. Nah, it’s gotta be all of us.

BTW, has anyone seen Dahmer, that fluffy little furball!

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