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July 31, 2007

Customers trust other customers

According to the Center for Media Research:

A recent survey on current attitudes towards customer ratings and reviews by Bazaarvoice and Vizu Corporation, shows that about three out of four shoppers say that it is extremely or very important to read customer reviews before making a purchase, and they prefer peer reviews over expert reviews by a 6-to-1 margin.

Of couse, Bazaarvoice provides customer review capabilities to vendors. [Tags: marketing bazaarvoice ]

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July 30, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards at BlogHer

Elizabeth Edwards talked about Net Neutality, among many other things, at Blogher.
Jeez, do we need her in the White House!

Jennifer Pozner’s post
John Edwards on the 700mH auction
JE YouTube on Net Neutrality
Me on E.E. and the Net
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Susan Crawford explains Sproogle

Susan Crawford has an excellent analysis of Google’s teaming up with Sprint. In sum, Sprint is pushing for WiMax, and Google seems to be hedging its bets on the 700mH spectrum auction which it is very likely about to lose. Susan considers why Google isn’t pushing for the same degree of openness with Sprint as it is for the Internet 700. [Tags: susan_crawford google sprint wimax fcc ]

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July 29, 2007

We are not family

After the tenth time in my life calling T-Mobile because I was unable to get their site to create a pay-as-you-go wifi account for me — I know how many times because I use a little numbering scheme when making up my new account name (and, no, you won’t guess it) — and after being walked through it by a very nice support person, I was in no mood to receive the ritual sign-off, “And thanks for being part of the T-Mobile family.”

Is there anyone who hears that corporate-mandated sign-off without feeling cheapened? Where I come from, joining someone’s family requires more than buying an hour of services from them.
(My plane is late, they’ve run out of the one veggie sandwich at the stand, so, yes, I am feeling a little cranky, thank you. Aaarrrgggghh.)


Ed Cone on the miscellaneous

Ed Cone’s published an interview with me in the Greensboro News-Record that pushes on the philosophical side harder than most. Thanks, Ed! (Note: Ed has provided a backup link in case the newspaper’s breaks.) [Tags: ]


July 28, 2007

Net and politics radio show

I was part of an hour-long discussion of the Internet and politics on KQED’s Forum program yesterday, along with Robert Bluey, of the Bluey Blog and Red State, Josh Harkinson of Mother Jones, and Christopher Rabb of I thought the other folks were interesting. The MP3 is here. [Tags: ]


July 27, 2007

Ethan on live blogging

Ethanz, who is in the pantheon of live bloggers, has a detailed post explaining how he does it. I think he intends to pass along the tips and tricks that will encourage others to live-blog, but it actually seems so daunting that it may have the opposite effect. And among the tools in the live bloggers kit bag that Ethan does not mention are: his rare combination of analytic and sympathetic skills, his breadth of knowledge, his awesome writing skill, and his patience.

I like live-blogging. (I do it far worse than Ethan does; you’re always better off reading Ethan’s posts than mine.) But I find it very tiring. I fairly predictably poop out after lunch.

Ethan also writes a beautiful appreciation of our friend Henok Mehari, who has just finished up his internship at the Berkman Center. All I can add to what Ethan has said is: Amen. Henok’s story is amazing, and, most hopeful of all is that he is only really at the beginning of it. [Tags: ]

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Doc the Elder

It’s Doc Searls‘ 60th birthday in a few days.

Sixty is old. But it wouldn’t be fitting to call Doc an old man. He’s not. Durn, he’s spry for his age!

No, Doc isn’t an old man, but he is about to become an elder. He didn’t get there just by watching the years go by. He got there by working tirelessly for the public good of the Web.

Doc thus will be entitled to the perqs given to elders:

When he talks, you look up from your damn laptop.

When in an Internet cafe, Doc’s packets get sent first. You can just wait in line, sonny boy.

Before your press the “post” button on your blog, you will now spend a few seconds thinking to yourself, “What would Doc say about this?” You will then obey your inner Doc.

If Doc gets crotchety on your ass, you have to sit there and take it. (Not to worry, though. Doc is one of the least crotchety people ever.)

I don’t care if Doc keeps linking to the same YouTube video. You’ll laugh at the end as if it were the first time.

Doc is now entitled to not reply to up to six emails a day. And he doesn’t have to let us know which ones they are.

Happy birthday in a few days, and much love now, Doc!

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July 26, 2007

Cool Google Maps snaps

PC World has combed through Google Maps’ satellite images of the earth and have found some very cool ones….

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Misleading headline of the day

Whitehouse seeking special counsel to investigate Gonzales

So, it turns out that Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse is one among a group of senators calling for a special counsel.

Also in that group are Sen. Jack AlbertoGonzalesOwnMom, Sen. Ruth TheOneTrueAndVengefulGod, and Sen. Abe ByAllThatsHoly. Sen. Phil ImpeachTheBastards could not be reached for comment.

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