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Targeting the wireless

From a friend who wants to remain anonymous:

A friend in Belmont (MA) was among a group of neighbors whose laptops were stolen from their homes. It seems the thieves used RF detection equipment to scan the neighborhood, finding homes with wireless hubs. They targeted those homes & stole the laptops.

Oy, something new to worry about!

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  1. Burglars with Wi-Fi Detectors?

    Burglars use radio frequency detectors to find laptops: If you’re already a worrier, add one more item to the list….

  2. Targeting the wireless

  3. One more thing to worry about

    Here’s an interesting story, people using RF detectors to find houses with wireless networks, and therefore laptops….

  4. Hey David: Speaking of wireless (excuse me for the tangent) the Dean juggernaut is coming to Bryant Park, NYC tomorrow, the first significant hotspot in the city. Is this just coincidental?

    Bill K.

  5. Makes me glad that I pulled a handful of twisted pair cables through the walls. I’m not sure how you would combat this sort of thing short of putting up a juicy looking hotspot and staking it out until you caught the bastards. OTOH, I don’t have any computers worth stealing. The fastest machine I have is a P/III 550, and the 80GB drive I recently bought quintupled my total storage space, and the only reason I bought that was I couldn’t get Linux and Windows onto the 4GB drive that came with the system recently donated by a friend.

  6. 智慧犯罪

    正當我還在為不請自用他人 wireless access point 而有點良心不安時 ,今天看到一個BLOG的消息如下 隨著電腦科技的進步與普及,宵小偷竊的手法也越來越進步:美國 Joho the Blog 就在這兩天貼出了一…

  7. Chalk one up for an uber-paranoid acquaintance whose dream home would feature a Ronson-cage built into the exterior walls.

  8. A Working WiFi Finder?

    David Weinberger was told by an “anonymous source” that A friend in Belmont (MA) was among a group of neighbors

  9. it’s time to change your SSID to “266MhzP2” to ward them off

  10. Wireless Thief?!

    應該是同一個新聞來源吧! 據新聞報導,現在有小偷會用 RF 去掃哪家有 Wireless 設備,甚至是 wireless notebook。如果再加上 Ekahau 這樣的定位引擎軟體,全民公敵裡的場景眼看著要上演… mtlin’s b…

  11. How does your friend know how or why he was targeted? If the thieves were caught, wouldn’t that have been mentioned in the original note?

  12. How do you know that the thieves had RF equipment without actually apprehending them and finding the equipment? It may have been a strange occurance. I agree with natasha, this seems uber-paranoid.

  13. This doesn’t sound particularly far fetched to me. There was the old scam, albeit where I live, of the criminal underworld plus reporters (especially from newspapers) going about with radio scanners to see what the police were up to. Which I imagine is probably outdated for the most part with digital technology and scrambling stuff… but the point is, what’s stopping someone walking around with a modern equivalent? Would help get laptops stolen to order.

  14. Should you put your Wifi Access Port on a timer

    This information is a few days old but should give you something to think about. Seems some thieves have been…

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  18. Attention “D. WEINBERGER!”

    my laptop was just stolen from a house in Belmont MA two days ago! A stranger was seen in the driveway with a laptop computer several weeks ago. There was several thousands of dollars worth of other electronics stolen. We *really* need to compare notes! Please contact me!

  19. get a big dog, theyll think twice.

  20. Sad state of affairs for all Americans the day they imposed the Patriot Act ;(

  21. Here are some updates on the Belmont Lawyer in the home that was stolen in Arlington. The zoning lawyer helped get the Mormon church into Belmont. The firm is part of is Murtha Cullina, a Connecticutt based firm. Connecticutt is known for all kinds of corruption. But it gets worse. If you thoroughly research under this law firm name you can connect them to all of the worst scandals in American History as an active player with allegations of political wrongdoing by high ranking official. See S & L Scandal, see Lincoln Savings and Loan Scandal, see Colonial Insurance Scandal that connects to Rhode Island Mob and the Medford and Winter Hill Mob and all the scandal with the Bulger Clan which means this firm is in Bed with dirty politics including working with people that connect to Arlington, Belmont, Woburn and Burlington to name a few locals. We are all paying for this crime and you should be scared because this is coming to our doors more and more with abuse of power, crime and emminent domain tactics across this country.
    Get the word out we have to unite and start taking action!

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