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Terrorist DoS?

Someone posted this as a comment on my skeptical blogging of a reported denial of service attack on a group that “outs” what it thinks are terrorist sites.

This arabic site looks like it is planning a DoS against Internet Hagannah to me.

It is a list of ip addresses.

That page has been removed for “administrative purposes.”

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2 Responses to “Terrorist DoS?”

  1. Actually, it looks like something did happen to Internet Haganah a bit ago, when they were hosted at Hosting Matters. It took down a variety of sites, as you know. The owner of Internet Haganah says that it was directed at him, and many people have seen what was on the link to the “arabic” site – it was a group on MSN, and it had the new IP address for Internet Haganah, as well as IPs for all of the mirrors that were set up. It said in Arabic that the attacks would be at 7 on 10/30. I wouldn’t be surprised if *something* of that ilk happened tonight. I will say that I’ve noticed a severe uptick in the last 24 hours of ugly traffic on my personal firewall at home, and it’s the stuff that computers which have been taken over usually start doing when a worm or such virus takes over.

    We’ll see if anything comes about. Little Green Footballs and other sites have documented this as well. I’ll see if I can find a cache of the site and post a link.

  2. I’d have no doubt that Internet Haganah does get DDoS’d — on a regular basis, too.

    The thing that I found sloppy was the attribution of these attacks to “al Qaeda” (ooh scary) rather than “some spotty Indonesian 15-year-olds” (ooh generic h4xx0r).

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