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Trademarked registered copyright

Public Domain Dedication
This work is dedicated to the
Public Domain.

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4 Responses to “Trademarked registered copyright”

  1. A Visual Joke And Also A Decent Exam Question

    Here’s a fun visual joke from David Weinberg that he calls Trademark Registered Copyright (and which he has placed in the public domain, thereby preventing the hypo from becoming a realo). I suspect that with only a little effort, it could be tur…

  2. Fun for the day…

    Joho the blog has created… the Trademarked Registered Copyright. and dedicated it to the public domain. I’m sure that Creative Commons will have a field day with this. =)…

  3. It looks like an alignment of celestial bodies.

  4. When a variable is finished with it’s work, it does not go into retirement, and it is never mentioned again. Variables simply cease to exist, and the thirty-two bits of data that they held is released, so that some other variable may later use them.

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