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For Biden to win

Because I have never even once been wrong about politics, I know you and the Biden campaign you’ve been waiting for my guidance about how the former VP can beat Trump. So here is the exact and precise plan from which I will permit not a single deviation.

Biden needs to hang on to his current base, expand it to include as much of Bernie’s as possible, and energize especially the young to campaign and vote.


  1. Position Biden’s presidency as a four year return to normalcy that will position us for truly progressive change. Slogan: Make America America Again.
  2. Announce he will be a one-term president.
  3. Pick a truly exciting progressive VP, preferably a black woman. Stacy Abrams?
  4. Say that she will work even more closely with Biden than Biden with Obama. She will be fully prepared to become president.
  5. (Three years in, Biden should resign. Shhhh.)

I will leave for another post exactly the progressive positions he should aggressively adopt, how he should position them, and the colors of the binders he should use when presenting them.

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