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Movies minus a letter

Someone on Twitter asked for movie titles with one letter removed that changes the movie altogether. Fun! And I’d link to the tweet but I’ve only been on Twitter since near its beginning so of course I don’t know how to go back from liked comments to the original. (If you know who came up with this movie challenge, please put in a comment to this post. Thanks.)

Anyway, here are mine:

  • Gentlemen Refer Blondes
  • Oceans Elven
  • Inglorious Basters
  • Lose Encounters of the Third Kind
  • West Side Tory
  • The Ride of Frankenstein
  • The Plane of the Apes
  • One with the Wind
  • Ear Window
  • The Evil Dad. Sequel: The Walking Dad.
  • And, for the age of social distancing: The Apartmen

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