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Apple’s Vision Pro intro video is the product

The Apple Vision Pro launch video is a timelessly great example of its kind. Indeed, With a $3,500 price tag for what is essentially a display,  the video is the actual product: it claims a new space for Apple.

At first glance, I was disappointed and skeptical: a cumbersome headset so I can watch a 2D virtual display? But it’s been so thoughtfully designed; they have, it seems, thought of everything. The video counters every objection that springs to mind. Do you want to show up in a Facetime with the dumb visor on? Oh, it erases it through the magic of AI! You want to be able to interact with real people in your physical space? Translucence to the rescue. So, good job, Apple!

I was impressed by the video under-selling its 3D capabilities. That took a lot of marketing restraint. But it would have distracted from what’s actually new: Apple’s intense focus on what makes this thing useful now with the software tools we have and with the way we work now, even though that won’t justify the price for hardly any of us.

At what price would I buy one? I won’t know until I try one, which I suppose is one mark of a genuinely innovative product. 



The Apple video in many ways reminds me of Bruce Tognazzini’s 1992 “StarFire” video that sketched a headset-free virtual workspace. It, however, was purely visionary with no product in sight. (Tog provides context for the video here.)

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3 Responses to “Apple’s Vision Pro intro video is the product”

  1. Thanks for flagging this up, David. All the first reports left me uninterested, and provoked me to wonder why Apple even bothered, especially at that price tag. This video helps clarify the vision (ahem) that constitutes it as a product and conveys its appeal much better than the early reports suggested.

    I think the FaceTime use case makes a huge difference. I hate communicating with my students via Zoom or Teams, but I could see ‘spatial’ FaceTime as exactly the missing ingredient in the online video chat package.

  2. I think, compared to google glass its also a very well and differently crafted narrative. Its of course not recording anything and not interfering with our privacy.

  3. I also agree that the $3,500 price tag is high for what is essentially a display. However, I think Apple is targeting a specific audience with the Vision Pro: creative professionals who need a high-quality display for their work. For these users, the price tag may be worth it for the features and performance that the Vision Pro offers.

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