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A writer you’ll enjoy

I’ve written an introduction for a forthcoming new edition of John Sundman’s mind-bending and beautiful novella Cheap Complex Devices, which anticipated ChatGPT and its issues about creativity and sentience by 20+ years. It’s also a uniquely lovely and properly confounding book.

But that’s not the Sundman book you should start with, much as I love it. His others are more conventional tech-sf novels — more conventional but not conventional.

Here’s his bibliography:

The first three are a trilogy of sorts.

He has a new one coming out this fall: Mountain of Devils, coming this fall. 

John is a very interesting person. He’s got tech chops that go all the way back to the early days of microcomputers. Until recently, he was a volunteer firefighter and writes compellingly about that as well. (Disclosure: John’s a friend.)

For updates on this project and more, check out his substack

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2 Responses to “A writer you’ll enjoy”

  1. Currently reading “Acts of the Apostles.” Highly recommended!

  2. Now look what happened: reading Cheap Complex Devices borked my e-reader!

    Thanks for the pointers (bought all 4), will continue to read when a new device arrives.

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